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About Our Site

This is Ray and Rhonda's site devoted to our adventures on the road with our motorcycles. Her bike is a Harley FXR3, and mine is a Harley Deuce. All our travels begin and end in Indianapolis, Indiana. We are proud to say, neither of our bikes have been on a trailer during any of our trips. Stacked with bags, we've traveled as far east as Washington DC, as far south as Atlanta, as far north as Glacier National park, and as far west as Seattle. Since we're from Indiana, the main page is devoted to our Indiana motorcycle rides. A link is provided that links to our USA motorcycle rides. Rollovers and a drop down menu provides an easy way to navigate our site. There are many rollovers on our pages that bring up ride info, pictures, and weather info. The drop down menu provides a quick, but less artful link to all the pages. The Indiana and USA pages have a map with motorcycle rollovers providing links and summaries of each ride. Roll over the motorcycle and you see a summary of the ride. Click on the motorcycle, and you go to the detail page. The individual motorcycle ride pages have rollovers on the map to bring up pictures or info. Click and it may go to a link to the page associated with the object. Most of the rollovers on the map are a bright green text. Each ride page has a Local Weather rollover that brings up the current local weather of that area.

Our site includes the following motorcycle rides:

Many more rides and updates to follow. Enjoy!